Stay in touch with your loved ones

Currently you can use Nian with friends and family living in these countries.

Mindfully selected features

Send and receive videos

Show your loved ones what’s happening in your everyday life by sharing safe video messages. With video, you can see the emotions of your loved ones. If a picture tells 1000 words, imagine what a video can do.

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Stay close to your friends and family

Stay in touch with those who matter to you with Nian, our safe video messenger, for free.

Message as you are

Stay safe when sharing video messages online

Keeping your video messages safe and secure is our highest priority. Your data is stored in Finland and is not sold to any third party.

Message securely

Stay in touch through simple and intuitive design

What makes Nian special is that all generations, from your children to your grandparents, can easily use the app.

Message simply

Stay connected on your own time

Don’t let different time zones stand in your way. You can send a video to your friends and family when the time and place are right.

Message wherever you are

Stay in sync on multiple devices

Nian is also available on tablets and as an extension on Apple Watch. Experience those special moments together with your loved ones wherever you are, on whichever device.

Message on the move

Nian Unlimited

Nian is free of charge for everyone to download and use. Go Unlimited for 0,99€ a month to unlock an even better experience for staying in touch with your loved ones.

  1. 1

    Store unlimited number of video messages

  2. 2

    Create unlimited number of permanent groups

  3. 3

    Invite unlimited number of friends

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