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The story of Nian was rooted over a decade ago, when Dream Broker (DB) was established, in 2007 to be precise. Despite the fast growth and expansion, a mission of using online video to help people communicate has always been in the heart of all Dream Broker technologies. This has been coupled with an absolute promise to provide safe and reliable solutions as well as respecting people’s privacy.

In today’s world of being constantly connected, it is paradoxically becoming increasingly difficult to stay in touch with those who matter the most. Dream Broker decided to gather its brightest and most creative minds to come up with a safe, meaningful, and innovative way to solve this. In 2014 the whole vision of the company was renewed and clearer focus for revolutionising communication was chosen to lead everything; the product strategy and its execution within the company. In 2014, a unit called Garage was dedicated to a new product family member. The top-secret operation called Bear (Karhu in Finnish), a wild animal, was established. The multinational team hailing from the East and the West, and everywhere in between, started experimenting with almost 150 various ideas of using online videos in everyday life.

When all distractions were removed, only the essential features remained. A video first, safe, and easy-to-use messenger — to get connected and stay in touch with your loved ones. Seven seas and seven years were voyaged. Focusing on uncompromised security, supreme quality, and ultimate ease of use while simplifying everything were in the core of the fresh approach to develop a new video messenger. That is how Nian was born. Nian was published and released on the 6th of December 2020, the Independence Day of Finland — respecting our roots and the country in which the company was founded. The country of mystical forests, lakes, and nature. Like Finland is as a country, similarly, Dream Broker as a company, is fully independent.

When studying the name Nian (念), multiple meanings originating from Chinese mythology can be found. The most inspiring definition that also captures the spirit of staying in touch with loved ones, is Nian. When used as a verb, it means “I miss you” or “I’m thinking of you”. When used as a noun, Nian means “a thought”. Written in the Chinese character, Nian is made up of two words. The word on top (今) means “today” and the word at the bottom (心) means “heart”. When bringing these two words together, Nian means someone is in your heart today, a message loved ones should receive more often.

The word Nian can sometimes be mixed with a beast in Chinese mythology, but that is a different story, and the Chinese letter is totally different in that case. However, this beast-oriented myth can be also interpreted in the way of the beginning of a new era or a year. To us, Nian is something hearty and warm, while reminding us that the next chapter in Dream Broker’s story has begun, the new era and decade to help people communicate, get connected and message all over the world and allowing loved ones to stay in touch. Thus making the world a better, safer and more loveable place to live. Furthermore, the idea is that communication should be something very natural and human. Our aim has been to create such an innovation that you can be yourself and message as you are.

Under the guarding wings of Black Adamant Technologies (BAT), established in 2020, a subsidiary of Dream Broker (DB), the new messenger application will be delivered to you and your loved ones. We wish enjoyable and memorable moments to you in your life and respectfully we will hope we can help you to get real value and joy when utilising Nian. We are thinking of you.

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