Our story

In today’s world of being constantly connected, it has paradoxically become increasingly difficult to stay in touch with those who matter the most to us.

Communication should be natural and human. Our aim was to create something innovative where you can be yourself and message as you are. When all distractions were removed, only the most essential and mindful features remained. A video-first, safe, and easy-to-use messenger: Nian.

The name Nian / ˈniːən / has multiple meanings stemming from the Chinese word for memory. Nian means “I miss you” or “I’m thinking of you” when used as a verb. When used as a noun, Nian means “a memory” or “a moment in time”. Essentially, Nian means that someone is in your heart today, a message you and your close ones should receive more often.

We are thinking of you.

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